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About Us


​What We Do?

We are producing the natural, healthiest products. Non-toxic, organic and vegan ingredients 100% biodegradable formulas. We provide exceptional natural, organic beauty products. We select all ingredients carefully. Our products have no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh skin irritants. We are 100%parabens-free.




Our Mission

Our mission is to assist you in offering high quality lines of natural and organic skincare products to enhance your skin by leveraging your most important asset – your skin.

Our Slogan

DIRRAN Organic, the secret of ancient beauty.




Our Story

Title: Fatherhood can do wonders

It all started with Dirran, a small daughter who has a skin disease that was really hard to be cured. Although Her parents and doctors tried their very best to find a treatment, all their efforts met with failure. Nevertheless, her father did not give up easily and decided to travel all around the world to find a cure for his beloved daughter. Through the traveller’s journey, he met a kind family who lives in an old beautiful village surrounded by nature. By fate, this couple had a daughter who was suffering from the same problem as his daughter which made the traveller persistent to find a cure for those kids who were suffering from the same disease. So, he continued his journey, searching high and low for the cure but unfortunately, he found nothing and lost hope.


The ancient secrets’ power

After several months, on his way back home,he passed by the same village where he met the couple and their daughter. In his surprise, he saw the same little girl playing but with beautiful clear and healthy skin. ‘HOW!?’ he shouted with a shocked reaction. ‘If you're cured then it means that I found the cure for my daughter Dirran! The little girl’s parents shared with him their ancient secrets, which their ancestors have been using for generations. The mixture of organic ingredients had created a special formula that would help heal the skin and make it look younger, healthier and brighter. The traveler thanked them and went home happy because he has finally found a cure for his daughter. Since then, Dirran started using the formula and her skin became clean, clear and healthy again and her father decided to keep traveling around the world to gather more ancient beauty secrets. But the picture of the daughter infected face contrasting the clear cured one remained blazing in his memory. The pursuit to find the cure was finally over but another journey to beauty was about to begin – the father decided to work with professionals and scientists in doing advanced research about hundreds of organic ingredients and formulations in USA laboratories by using the most advanced technologies that can be found and that was the birth of our company which is known as Dirran™️.



Why Dirran Organic?

How Dirran Organic rejuvenates your beauty?
DIRRAN is an herbal blend used to help restore the youth, with producing the healthiest and most natural products that can be found With Non-toxic, organic ingredients which are made by 100% biodegradable formulas with no dyes, artificial perfumes or harsh skin irritants. and 100% parabens-free.