1. Where does the brand Dirran Organic come from?

    Come from the USA.

  2. Where is your product manufactured?

    Malaysia under license and supervisor USA

  3. How long does it take for the shipping? how many days does it take to ship the products to me?

    For Malaysian Customers, you will receive the products within 3-4 days. As for

    overseas customers, it will take about 5-10 days to the product to arrive at your


  4. Which courier service you are using?

    For Malaysia, we are using Pos Laju or DHL. For overseas we are using FedEx.

  5. What payment methods do you accept?

    We accept the following methods of payment - Mastercard, Visa, credit/Debit card

    and payment via ipay88 or via PayPal.

  6. Is the product HALAL ?


  7. Is your product Natural?

    YES, all product ingredients are Organic and Natural.

  8. Are your products SAFE?

    Of Course! Our product has been tested in the US and is certified from Malaysia

  9. Your products are suitable for which skin type?

    Our products are suitable for all skin types because our product is organically

    made with no chemical, so the user doesn't have to worry when using it. If you have an

    allergy to certain ingredients, we highly recommend that you read our product’s

    ingredients carefully before you purchase it.

  10. What’s the age range that can be used for your product?

    Our products are targeted to 18-65 years old customers because our skin should

    be taken care of from a young age and to be maintained while we age if you want to have

    beautiful, smooth, and healthy skin.

  11. Is this skincare only suitable for women?

    Of Course Not! Our skincare can be used by men or women. Everyone is Welcome to using our products as your daily skincare routine.

  12. How can I check the feedback from other customers?

    Feedbacks can be found through our official social media pages which are on

    Instagram and Facebook.

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