About Dirran

Behind every great product people who are passionate about it

Our Essence



To integrate the ancient wiseness with science in unique formulations to generate product range, free of harmful chemicals, and rejuvenate your beauty by providing the healthiest and most effective products.



to expand people knowledge about organic care and be the most influential natural company in the world.

Why Choose Dirran Organic?

First, let’s be clear about what the terms “organic” and “natural” actually mean. When we say Organic, what we mean using products made of plant derived ingredients along with some other naturally occurring ingredients. These ingredients are grown without the use of pesticides, herbicides, synthetic fertilizers, GMO and so on. The integrity of these unadulterated ingredients is maintained in the best way possible with little to no additives. Natural means something that originally “existed in” or was “derived from nature

How it started

It all started when the founder of this company went travelling to find for a cure for his son who was suffering from a skin disease. He searched high and low for a cure and his search finally ended after he met a beautiful family who lives in an old village surrounded by nature. Their daughter was suffering with the same problem but in her case, her skin was actually in a healing state. The traveller got curious and started questioning her parents on what they used to cure the little girl’s skin. They revealed their ancient secret which their ancestors has been using for generations. They only used organic ingredients found around the forest. The mixture of organic ingredients had created a special formula that would help heal the skin and make it look younger, healthier and brighter. Since then, the traveller travelled around the world in search for special organic ingredients. Hence, Dirran Organic was born.

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